Podcast 37

Is out and about

‘Legend Video’ / ‘By Any Possible Energy of Words’ – released on Blue Amazon Affiliate Records [19.05.23]

‘On a Turbo’ – ES Waves’ fourth album to be released in June/July 2023

Podcast 37 tracklist

1. Mark Barrott – Travelling Music
2. Anunaku – Venus
3. Maruwa – Freeze
4. Adam Pits – Cosmic Confession
5. The Smashing Pumpkins – The End Is The Beginning Is The End (Hallucination’s Gotham Ghetto Beats)
6. Bus – Bullet (Cass Vs. Slide Esprit De Corps Mix)
7. ES Waves – By Any Possible Energy of Words
8. Huxley – XTC
9. Willem & Cybernet – Exit Phase
10. James Shinra – Miluv

Link to all the tracks on bandcamp (By Any Possible Energy of Words will be added on release)


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