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ES Waves · ES Waves – Podcast 27


What I’m mixing up.  Check out ES Waves – Hi Real on Bandcamp https://eswaves.bandcamp.com/

1. ES Waves – Raymond Sells Books
2. ES Waves – Raymond Sells Hope
3. Space Dimension Controller – Boarding the Galactic Effector
4. Todd Terje – Jungelknugen (Prins Thomas Remix)
5. Todd Terje – Jungelknugen (Four Tet Remix)
6. Lopezhouse – The Arrival
7. Dosem – Extraction
8. Will Easton – Kaleidoscope (VONDA7 Remix)
9. Fort Romeau – Fantasia
10. Desert Sound Colony – The Cartographer

ES Waves ‘Hi Real One Power’ [ES Waves Media, ESWM-009] released 30.03.2020

Second ES Waves release of 2020.
ES Waves ‘Hi Real One Power’ [ES Waves Media] released 30.03.20

ES Waves (pronounced ‘E. S. Waves’) surfaced in 2006 with ‘Nakatomi Plaza’, its first album. Its epic ambition underscored by science fiction samples and soaring synths. Stand out tracks include the album closers ‘Fluid Expansions’ and ‘Candles’.

‘Parasol Stars’, its second album, followed 2011 on ES Waves Media pushing the same progressive aesthetic. ‘October Bird of Death’ and ‘Powerdrome’ each demonstrating an attention to detail and commitment to push into the future.

The Third ES Waves Album ‘Hi Real’ is forthcoming in 2020. A number of singles surround the album release. The first, ‘Vrek 2; was released on 07.10.19, the second ‘Phuse La’ on 25.11.19, the third ‘HRI Dream’ on 27.01.2020 and the fourth ‘Hi Real One Power’ is released on 30.03.2020.

‘Hi Real One Power’ – pulling you into the future.


ES Waves – Podcast 21

1. Donato Dozzy – Vaporware 05
2. PHON.O – We Just Begun
3. Kangding Ray – Predawn Qualia
4. Airwave – Ladyblue (Gui Barone Late Night Remix)
5. SHDW, Obscure Shape – Die Prophezeiung
6. Pig & Dan – Infinity
7. Joyhauser – RTRIG
8. Sama – Wings of Desire
9. Klangkenstler – Das Schattenreich
10. Regal – Double Standard

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New ES Music to be released this summer.

ES Waves – Podcast 18

1. Inigo Kennedy – Tornado
2. Voiski – Taking Flight
3. Truncate – Dial (Heiko Laux Remix)
4. Regal – Trave Generation
5. Introversion – Call to Adventure (Kas:st Remix)
6. Regal – Still Raving
7. Spartaque – Floppy Headache (Drigo Remix)
8. Sama – Indifference
9. Schacke – Automated Lover
10. Kas:st – Insomnia
11, Introversion – Unmarried Old Man

ES Waves – Podcast 17

1. Nathan Micay – Peaks
2. Nathan Micay – Beginning Ballads
3. Jobe – Improvise
4. Third Son – Counterculture
5. ANNA – Far Beyond
6. Kevin de Vries & Weska – Sonorous
7. Kevin de Vries – When Time Stops (Skober Remix)
8. Airwave – Rain Upon My Skin (Crocy Remix)
9. Brassica – Tears I Can Afford (Bicep Remix)
10. ES Waves – The First Touch

Last tra

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ES Waves – Podcast 16

Proggy to the max.  Some lovely tunes in this one.  Hope you enjoy.

  1. Norberto Lusso – Met / Patrice Baumel – This World
  2. Dominik Eulberg – Abendpfauenauge
  3. Solee- Epoca
  4. Nick Devon – Landscapes
  5. Cid Inc. – Fear and Square
  6. Jobe – Changes
  7. Jobe, Soul Button – Umar
  8. Petar Dundov, Rafael Cerato – Universe (Petar Dundov Remix)
  9. Bicep – Rain
  10. Raar – Le Sacrifice Physique

ES Waves

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ES Waves Podcast – Podcast 14

Ok, so I forgot to add a post about the latest podcast.  Well… here it is.  I’m really happy that the music is turning back towards my tastes which is reflected, a little, in this mix (which isn’t a microcosm of contemporary music, no really).

Dominik Eulberg – Bienenfresser (Original Mix)
Wehbba – Eclipse (Original Mix)
Nick Warren, Tripswitch – Voight Kampff (Cid Inc. Remix)
Haze-M, Rafael Cerato – Yaman (Original Mix)
Wehbba – Moonrise (Original Mix)
Mendy – By The Hand (Original Mix)
Rafael Cerato, ARTBAT – Uplift (Original Mix)
Lawrence – Along The Wire (Superpitcher Remix)
Push – Universal Nation (Gai Barone Remix)

Dig it.

Podcast 11

ES Waves – Podcast 11

Ian Pooley – I Got You (Matthias Vogt Remix)
Dettmann & Klock – Dawning
Chris Cowie – Time Flies
Omar S – Triangulum Australe (say it in space)
Markus Suckut – Hunt
Shed – Boom Room
Morgan Tomas – Panic Room
Octave – Twist N Ego
Andrea Roma & Mark Denken – Pills
RAG – Rage (Epic Mix)
Clouds – Chained to a Dead Camel
Dave the Drummer & Chris Liberator – Underthreat (Patrick DSP Mix)
Joton – Unexpected Suspects (Bas Mooy Remix)
Sonic Union & Kobana – Maelstrom
Jokers of the Scene – Black Mounite (Daniel Avery Mix)
Ian Pooley – I Got You (Mattias Vogt)

Key Tracks

Ian Pooley – I Got You (Matthias Vogt Remix)

Morgan Tomas – Panic Room

Clouds – Chained to a Dead Camel

Originally this mix was designed to be centred around Joton – Unexpected Suspects (Bas Mooy Remix) which is an amazing track.  However I started looping Morgan Tomas – Panic Room over (seemingly) all the tracks on the second half of this mix.  Love it.