ES Waves – Podcast 23

October mix, after a summer break.  Fresh from not getting Glastonbury tickets this morning (until the resale…)…


1. Space Dimension Controller – BBD Alignment
2. Loidis – A Parade
3. Jas Shaw, Fort Romeau – Saturn Ascends
4. Baltra – Bankrolls
5. Wayward – The Energy
6. Royksopp feat Susanne Sundfor – Never Ever (RYXP Dub Excursion Pt2)
7. Huxley – Evolution
8. Ruede Hagelstein – She Loves (Live Version)
9. DJ Tennis – Anatomy (North Lake Remix)
10. ES Waves – Vrek 2

Includes a track I’m releasing next week (on Tuesday – ‘ES Waves – Vrek 2’, in case it’s not clear – the last track).

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Just updating the spotify podcast track playlist – will be adding Vrek 2 to it when its out this week.


ES Waves – Vrek 2 [ES Waves Media] – released 07.10.19

First ES Waves release since 2011.
ES Waves ‘Vrek 2’ [ES Waves Media] released 07.10.19

ES Waves (pronounced ‘E. S. Waves’) surfaced in 2006 with ‘Nakatomi Plaza’, its first album. Its epic ambition underscored by science fiction samples and soaring synths. Stand out tracks include the album closers ‘Fluid Expansions’ and ‘Candles’.

‘Parasol Stars’, its second album, followed 2011 on ES Waves Media pushing the same progressive aesthetic. ‘October Bird of Death’ and ‘Powerdrome’ each demonstrating an attention to detail and commitment to push into the future.

The Third ES Waves Album ‘Hi Real’ will be forthcoming in early 2020. A number of singles, the first of which being ‘Vrek 2’, will surround the album release.

ES Waves – Podcast 21

1. Donato Dozzy – Vaporware 05
2. PHON.O – We Just Begun
3. Kangding Ray – Predawn Qualia
4. Airwave – Ladyblue (Gui Barone Late Night Remix)
5. SHDW, Obscure Shape – Die Prophezeiung
6. Pig & Dan – Infinity
7. Joyhauser – RTRIG
8. Sama – Wings of Desire
9. Klangkenstler – Das Schattenreich
10. Regal – Double Standard

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New ES Music to be released this summer.

ES Waves – Podcast 20

1. Fort Romeau – New Wave
2. Thomas Melchior – What The-?
3. Robyn – Honey (Kim Ann Foxman Remix)
4. Peverelist – Brinks and Limits
5. Namito, Ruede Hagelstien – Letting Go
6. SCB – Test Tubes (Mind Against Celestrial Dub)
7. KAS:ST – The Light at the End of the Tunnel
8. Klangkuenstler – Ultrahertz
9. Lazar (IT) – Etheral Resonance
10. Hush & Sleep – Dimensional

Getting 100% creative with the initial mixes, solid tunes from thereon in.

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