ES Waves – Podcast 21

1. Donato Dozzy – Vaporware 05
2. PHON.O – We Just Begun
3. Kangding Ray – Predawn Qualia
4. Airwave – Ladyblue (Gui Barone Late Night Remix)
5. SHDW, Obscure Shape – Die Prophezeiung
6. Pig & Dan – Infinity
7. Joyhauser – RTRIG
8. Sama – Wings of Desire
9. Klangkenstler – Das Schattenreich
10. Regal – Double Standard

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New ES Music to be released this summer.

ES Waves – Podcast 19

1. Sama – We Thought
2. Introversion – Block 4
3. Joyhauser – Shimmer
4. Danny Fontana, Lazar (IT) – Cryptic Message
5. Rudosa – Dreamland
6. Hush & Sleep – Nio
7. Klangkuenstler – Supernova
8. Rudosa – The Evolution
9. Lunatique Sublime – Vertical
10. Introversion – Underling

Key release for this mix has got to be Outworld 001.  Powerful sounds.


ES Waves – Podcast 18

1. Inigo Kennedy – Tornado
2. Voiski – Taking Flight
3. Truncate – Dial (Heiko Laux Remix)
4. Regal – Trave Generation
5. Introversion – Call to Adventure (Kas:st Remix)
6. Regal – Still Raving
7. Spartaque – Floppy Headache (Drigo Remix)
8. Sama – Indifference
9. Schacke – Automated Lover
10. Kas:st – Insomnia
11, Introversion – Unmarried Old Man

ES Waves – Podcast 15

Really enjoying this sound at the moment.  Used the Raar and Norberto Lusso tracks a number of times in the mix, intro / outro / over other tracks to set the mood.  There really are some cool tracks in here.  The mix between the Norberto Lusso and Arnaud Rebotini rides really well.  Really.

  1. Raar – L,accomplissement
  2. Johannes Heil – Exile 007 B2
  3. Tom Hades – Goya
  4. L.S.G. – Netherworld (CJ Bolland Mix)
  5. Hush & Sleep – Dimensional
  6. Hush & Sleep – The Cure
  7. Spektre, Luca Gaeta – Ascension
  8. Norberto Lusso – Met
  9. Arnaud Rebotini – Jacob’s Cycle
  10. Locked Groove – The Gate (feat. Innershades)


ES Waves Podcast – Podcast 14

Ok, so I forgot to add a post about the latest podcast.  Well… here it is.  I’m really happy that the music is turning back towards my tastes which is reflected, a little, in this mix (which isn’t a microcosm of contemporary music, no really).

Dominik Eulberg – Bienenfresser (Original Mix)
Wehbba – Eclipse (Original Mix)
Nick Warren, Tripswitch – Voight Kampff (Cid Inc. Remix)
Haze-M, Rafael Cerato – Yaman (Original Mix)
Wehbba – Moonrise (Original Mix)
Mendy – By The Hand (Original Mix)
Rafael Cerato, ARTBAT – Uplift (Original Mix)
Lawrence – Along The Wire (Superpitcher Remix)
Push – Universal Nation (Gai Barone Remix)

Dig it.

Start the week – creativity

I caught the start of radio 4’s start the week on Monday before work in which Andrew Marr discussed the role of creativity with several ‘creatives’.  The podcast is available now.

Start the week – creativity

This discussion rang true for a lot of my creative life and I think anyone who is remotely creative in any part of their lives could find something they could relate to from one or several of the professional ‘creatives’ who formed the discussion panel.  For some time I’ve tried to introduce a discipline to my work and happily there’s some discussion of the importance of persistence in any artistic endeavour but also of the less definite aspects of ‘creating’.

New Podcast – Number 9

I’ve uploaded the latest podcast, ES Waves  – Podcast 9 which I mentioned a couple of posts ago.


1. SOL – Cosmic Lines

2. Pete Lazonby – Humble Servant

3. Dove Beat – La Paloma

4. Doiing – Paradise Lost

5. Midi Rain – Always

6. St Melody – Qtopia (Pure Trance Mix)

7. Marmion- Shoneberg (Thomas Schumacher’s Rumshakers Galore Mix)

8. DeJure – Do You Believe (Christian West Main Mix)

9. Spectrum – Amplification

10. Deluxe – Black Wax

Freak Chakra – ‘Blacklight Fantasy’

At the moment I’m putting together another podcast.  It’s going to have several old classics on there and I’ve got the tracks all planned out etc.  At one point I had the idea of putting a track or so from another amazing album on it Freaky Chakra’s ‘Blacklight Fantasy’.  The second half of this album especially is totally awesome.  I love a lot of the tricks and ideas that run through the production.  A lot of the tracks rely on relatively few elements with a lot of mix variations and effects keeping the ear interested.  ‘Dreams’ ‘Year 2000’, ‘Hyperspace’ all brilliant.  However…I couldn’t find my CD of it, doh, so none of these tracks are now on this mix.  This post is to give them a little love!

Actually this track would go perfectly into the mix.  Time to get searching!