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ES Waves

If you are not familiar with my music as ES Waves please check out the recently released ‘Parasol Stars’ album. This is the second full length album of mine and can be picked up from the main digital shops (namely beatport, junodigial etc) and is released on my own ES Waves Media imprint.

The first, ‘Nakatomi Plaza’, was released on the defunct Inaspace Recordings label in 2006 and I’ve thrown it up here.

Also in 2006 the then progressive dj Jonathan Lisle asked me to help out on his OS_0.2 mix album released on John Digweed’s Bedrock Records label. I roughly cut up some of the records and created some dj tools for Jonathan to use on that album.

Below is a playlist of the ES Waves production which is available to stream on Spotify

ES Waves Media, non exclusive retail links:-

ESWM-005 ES Waves – ‘Parasol Stars’

ESWM-004 ES Waves – ‘Powerdrome’

ESWM-003 ES Waves – ‘Wavelands’

ESWM-002 ES Waves – ‘Email for Lucky’

ESWM-001 ES Waves – ‘Neon Dreams / Laser Beams’

More production, including the Null Nux X project, can be found on the ES Waves Soundcloud page.

I occasionally put together some podcasts when the mood takes me which are also posted here.

To contact me please email ‘info [at]’ replacing the ‘[at]‘ with ‘@’.


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