Podcast 36 up and running

1. Lunasol – Are We Immortal?
2. Wayward – Canvey Island (unperson’s restless tide mix)
3. No Moon – aoe_advancing
4. DJ Tennis – Nobody
5. X CLUB. – Elevation (Journey Mix)
6. Escape Artist – Digital Natives
7. CJ Bolland – Snapshot 84
8. Maruwa – Dvizhenie
9. The Transhumanism Collective – Immortal (for w1b0)
10. X CLUB. Ft Pretty Girl – Only if U

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ES Waves Podcast Spotify Playlist

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ES Waves Album fourth album upcoming in 2023. Music finished and mastered. Artwork in the process of being finalised. It’s powerful.

Several single releases will also land in 2023.

ES Waves ‘Geospacial Format One’ [ES Waves Media, ESWM-021] released 02.12.2022

The fifth and final ES Waves release of 2022 and twenty first release on ES Waves Media.
ES Waves ‘Geospacial Format One’ [ES Waves Media] released 02.12.2022


ES Waves (pronounced ‘E. S. Waves’) surfaced in 2006 with ‘Nakatomi Plaza’, its first album. Its epic ambition underscored by science fiction samples and soaring synths. Stand out tracks include the album closers ‘Fluid Expansions’ and ‘Candles’.

‘Parasol Stars’, its second album, followed 2011 on ES Waves Media pushing the same progressive aesthetic. ‘October Bird of Death’ and ‘Powerdrome’ each demonstrating an attention to detail and commitment to push into the future.

‘Hi Real’, its third album, rolled out in the summer of 2020 and moved the ES Waves sound further forward. Notable highlights include the breakbeat sonics of ‘Still Transforming’ and ‘Confusing Cosmic Wisdom’.

ES Waves’ fourth Album will be released in the first half of 2023.

‘Geospacial Format One’ – pulling you into the future.


Podcast 35 live / Album 4 finished

Ready to download

1. Young American Primitive – Reso Arp 1
2. Javi Redondo – Rythmo (Pablo Bozzi Remix)
3. Kiwi – Hedonistic Tendencies
4. Theo Kottis – Night Walk
5. David Jackson – Guinness Italo
6. Dorothys Fortress – Enter Castillo
7. Hammer – Wakeup Call
8. ES Waves – Dimension Full Spectrum
9. Alan Dixon – Take A Trip
10. David Jackson – X-Pander
11. Rambal Cochet – Pharmacom

ES Waves – Dimension Full Spectrum out now

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ES Waves – fourth album – finished, mastered and ready to roll in 2023… with more to come before then…

Podcast 34 is live

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Denial of Service – Sensou v3
Paradise 3001 – Several Huge Yellow Snaplike Somethings
Red Screen – Strawberry Milk
Earth Trax – Nowhere
Voiski – Blazing Star
Agent Orange – Warm Love (Blue Hour Remix)
Glaskin – Slim Line (Etapp Kyle Remix)
Bicep – Meli I
ES Waves – Life (Any Percent)
Cameo Blush – Year 2000 Problem
Elad Magdasi – Teleport

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ES Waves – Life (Any Percent)


ES Waves – fourth album in production.