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Triumphs and Turbulence – Chris Boardman

It’s an easy cycling read! Who knew! I can be endlessly fascinated by stories of how people successfully pulled projects together. The secret squirrel project and the management chaos at British Cycling stood out here.

Uncle Dynamite – PG Wodehouse

Like it. Everyone needs a little Uncle Fred in their lives. if you want to spoil plot. Pongo innit.

The World of Cycling According to G – Geraint Thomas

Ok. It’s an easy light cycling read. It’s ok and met expectations.

Yum yum

Yum yum


Not a 100% success. Worked in some cornflower.

And It’s Live

This is how I roll dog

Glastonbury 2017 – A Review

Monday – Breakfast

Sunday – Midnight Feast

Sunday – Evening


Sunday – Lunch

Sunday – Nutella & Banana Smoothy


Sunday – Breakfast

Saturday – Midnight Feast


Saturday – Evening

Saturday – Breakfast


Friday – Evening

Friday – Lunch


Thursday – Evening

Thursday – Lunch

Fresh and tasty 

A little too early perhaps but still dapper. 

A genuine delight 

With thanks to Warburtons. 

Little one

A touch al dente but hit the spot when rolled up into a pizza sandwich.