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Chickenhawk by Robert Mason

Helicopters in Vietnam.  I’ve seen many recommendations for this book and eventually picked it up at the bookshop at Glastonbury festival where it was featured on a list of books recommended by Nick Mason of Pink Floyd.  It’s an easy read (if anything which covers how people become desensitised to brutality can be) but, it just didn’t grab me the way I’d hoped.  I’m intrigued to read the follow up though having enjoyed the ‘cocaine cowboys’ tale.

Triumphs and Turbulence – Chris Boardman

It’s an easy cycling read! Who knew! I can be endlessly fascinated by stories of how people successfully pulled projects together. The secret squirrel project and the management chaos at British Cycling stood out here.

Uncle Dynamite – PG Wodehouse

Like it. Everyone needs a little Uncle Fred in their lives. if you want to spoil plot. Pongo innit.

The World of Cycling According to G – Geraint Thomas

Ok. It’s an easy light cycling read. It’s ok and met expectations.

Yum yum

Yum yum


Not a 100% success. Worked in some cornflower.

And It’s Live

This is how I roll dog

Glastonbury 2017 – A Review

Monday – Breakfast

Sunday – Midnight Feast

Sunday – Evening


Sunday – Lunch

Sunday – Nutella & Banana Smoothy


Sunday – Breakfast

Saturday – Midnight Feast


Saturday – Evening

Saturday – Breakfast


Friday – Evening

Friday – Lunch


Thursday – Evening

Thursday – Lunch

Fresh and tasty 

A little too early perhaps but still dapper.