ES Waves – Podcast 29

Has been rolling for a week or so. Some fresh fresh sounds.

Buy music you love (bandcamp link to all tracks in this mix)

ES Waves – new single ‘Memories Dreams Futures’ – is also out now 01.04.2021. Check it out on Bandcamp

[is on the streaming services but they aren’t as great are they…]

Podcast 29 Tracklist
1. BOP – Insight
2. Sully – Qualia
3. Paradise Cinema – It Will Be Summer Soon
4. Clouds – Dia
5. Otik – Night Visions
6. Otik – Silhouette
7. Dez Williams – Corrupt System
8. Vril – Alte Seele – Vril & Marcel Dettmenn bass mix
9. Heritage – The Revelation
10. 9th House – Lyra (Dusky Remix)
11. Otik – Seasonal FX
12. Distance Dancer – Brain Dance

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