David Walsh – Seven Deadly Sins

David Walsh – Seven deadly Sims

Ok, catching up with the backlog of books read this year,  and it’s David Walsh’s Seven Deadly Sins.  Again no new information here (if you’ve read as many cycling books as…), but did I enjoy it.  Well no as much as I’d hoped.  This book feels like a cash in, brought out to coincide with Armstrong’s Oprah appearance, and summarises David’s history to date.  The new information of interest being personal insight’s into how David reacted to the events that played out before him.  For me perhaps the most revealing was how he reacted to the death of one of his children who he openly describes as his favourite child.  A 6 out of 10.

We also went to see to see the recent film ‘based’ on this book (though how you can clam that the film is based on this book when it basically is just a potted history of LA’s career is beyond me).  James Richardson nail’s it in his recent review

4 out of 10 is pushing it…

In other news car has pulled up outside the house playing some metal.  Dude needs to deal with that scratchy throat pronto…


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