Staying visible?

I’ve just read an interview with Swayzak from the RA site which rang true with me.  They talk of the accepted norm nowadays of having to stay visible to stay in touch with your market.  I’ve read so many sources which parrot that in this long tail digital musical marketplace the only way to stay visible to the ever decreasing audience is to provide it with a constant stream of material.  This may be true but it has a sobering effect on the product that is churned out as if by rote.

Music is an inspiration.  As Swayzak say in their interview if you don’t have anything to say there’s no point in putting something out.  Presumably the people that do so do so to make a living or presumably in an attempt to make a living.  I’d like to try falling into the former but the burden of completing and releasing material by rote would, as things stand, be beyond me.

Like I’m sure many other musicians it takes me an age to start, consider, stop, resume, edit, discard, continue, arrange and then polish a piece of music and then commit to an end to this process.  I would seriously have to consider streamlining my workflow if I were to up the productivity.

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