ES WAVES – ‘PARASOL STARS’ out 30/05/11

Second full length ES Waves Album.  It’s taken me a long time to get to this point and I’m proud of the music and artwork which is presented here.

ES WAVES – ‘POWERDROME’ out 24/04/11

Fourth ES Waves release on ES Waves Media

Available at

Listen on spotify

ES WAVES – ‘WAVELANDS’ out 28/02/2011

The third forthcoming ES Waves release on ES Waves Media.

ES Waves – Email for Lucky (2010)

Second ES Waves music release on ES Waves Media.

ES Waves – Neon Dreams / Laser Beams (2010)

First ES Waves music release in four years on my own label ES Waves Media.

ES Waves – Nakatomi Plaza (2006)

The first ES Waves album ‘Nakatomi Plaza’ originally released on the digital label Inaspace Recordings in 2006.
I may re-issue this re-mastered with a few different edits when I’ve got my label ES Wave Media up and running because I’m not 100% happy with some aspects of this album part of which I discussed in a blog post here Perhaps I shouldn’t re-touch it and move on but the temptation is there with the total recall generation we’re in (apart from the fact that the computer I made this on was stolen the day after I sent the masters to the record label…)
I collated the reviews when it was released onto the blog my myspace page which can be read here and here These are all the reviews not just the pleasantly positive.

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