S U R V I V E – Village Underground – 22.02.17

I love synths, so I went as saw these guys and it looked a little like this…

We continue

ES Waves – Podcast 16

Proggy to the max.  Some lovely tunes in this one.  Hope you enjoy.

  1. Norberto Lusso – Met / Patrice Baumel – This World
  2. Dominik Eulberg – Abendpfauenauge
  3. Solee- Epoca
  4. Nick Devon – Landscapes
  5. Cid Inc. – Fear and Square
  6. Jobe – Changes
  7. Jobe, Soul Button – Umar
  8. Petar Dundov, Rafael Cerato – Universe (Petar Dundov Remix)
  9. Bicep – Rain
  10. Raar – Le Sacrifice Physique

ES Waves

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Spotify playlist duly updated.  Check it.



Kraftwerk – Royal Albert Hall – 21.06.17

They’re coming thick and fast. It really did look a little like this.

Sasha – Barbican – 20.05.17

Looked, for a really small amount of time, like this does.

Way Out West – London 18.04.18

Looked, for one moment in time, like this.

Fabric Birthday – 21.10.18

Sunday evening looked a little bit like this. For those looking for accuracy this was snapped at the end of Apollonia’s set / start of Joy Orbison’s.

Chickenhawk by Robert Mason

Helicopters in Vietnam.  I’ve seen many recommendations for this book and eventually picked it up at the bookshop at Glastonbury festival where it was featured on a list of books recommended by Nick Mason of Pink Floyd.  It’s an easy read (if anything which covers how people become desensitised to brutality can be) but, it just didn’t grab me the way I’d hoped.  I’m intrigued to read the follow up though having enjoyed the ‘cocaine cowboys’ tale.

Arcadia – Stratford – 06.05.18

Looked a bit like this.  Someone stepped on my trainers innit.

Chemical brothers – Alexandra Palace – 5.10.18

Looked a little like this. Very enjoyable!