ES Waves – Podcast 30

(some) Fresh boss sounds, including new ES Waves single ‘In Mystic Time’ now uploaded to the usual channels.

Buy music club link – to buy the tracks which are on Bandcamp

ES Waves – In Mystic Time, out now. Bandcamp link

1. Special Request – Compassion
2. ES Waves – In Mystic Time
3. Guy Contact – Phase Value
4. New Composers – Tanz-Tanzevat!
5. Bliss Inc – Hacking the Planet
6. Liquid Earth – Human Condition (Defence Mix)
7. Eoin Dj – The Dawn (Dub)
8. Xpansions – Move Your Body (Elevation) (Krystal Klear Mix)
9. Swoose – Introspective
10. Tracey Thorn – Grand Canyon (King Unique Come Home Vocal Mix)
11. Om Unit – The Corridor (Sorsari Remix)

Spotify playlist of all tracks (on Spotify) played

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