Richard Moore – The Dirtiest Race in History

It’s a book by the sports journalist Richard Moore who predominantly writes about, what’s that, cycling, you don’t say.  But wait, what, this is about Ben Johnson and Carl Lewis, 1988 and all that.

To save my typing a run down, here’s one

Did I enjoy it.  yes I did.  I’m an avid listener of Richard Moore’s cycling podcast, to save you googling it, so read the book in Richard’s own voice which was not unpleasant.  The man has an engaging voice fit for radio.  Ben Johnson came across as a nice enough bloke who took a few steroids to get to the very top and lied consistently until made to confess.   Then tried to come back and took some more drugs.  My sympathies definitely sat with Johnson.  Lewis, and his mystery man in the dope room, come across as a bit of a  prat who got on the drugs to keep up and was caught anyway but couldn’t leave it at that.  Basically he was lucky and appeared to engineer a situation where Johnson was set up for a fall.  A solid 7.5 out of 10.

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