I’ve had a subpac now for around a month and think that I’ve now just about got to a point where I understand how it responds / correlates to the mix / my ears.  I picked this up largely on the basis that I’ve moved the studio from an environment where I could virtually crank it out at any volume at any-time of the night to an urban setting where sound levels could get to be a problem.  That and who doesn’t want to feel a powerful accurate sub to mix with standard monitors.

This has definitely got me in the studio more.  On the downside, and this is 100% connected with mixing in the new environment, it’s got me in the studio more mixing with headphones.  The temptation is that you run the output fader hot as, as with non-headphone monitoring, the higher the volume the greater the bass sensation and I really don’t want to damage my hearing more than I already have.

And the subpac itself.  Really good.

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