The Mutronics Mutator

The Mutronics Mutator, partly because of its name (well probably mostly because of its name), partly because of what it is and partly because it came out when I was making my first music production steps is a bit of a mystical beast for me. It’s described as a (mutating) filter unit with ‘creamy’ analogue filters.

That said I’ve never seen one outside of the pages of late nineties future music.  Reading future music  was how I initially got to grips with the concepts of music production, of midi, of sequencing.  There’s a desk draw in my studio which is full of each magazine I bought.  I justify keeping them around on the basis that one day I’ll maybe dip in and work through the tutorials I never got around to doing (to be fair that’s probably most of them).

I can clearly remember the example samples of the mutator at work and just not understanding how the sound was manipulated, but being fascinated by it, the name just reinforcing the alien concepts.

I’ve always wanted one.  At the moment they sell for around a grand.   Maybe when that lottery win comes in…

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