Sasha – Cut Me Down (ES Waves Mix Parts) to download

Whilst there’s a little bit of a lull in getting some ES Waves material finished up and out I thought I’d put up some of the parts I created and used within my entry for the Sasha remix comp (which I didn’t ‘win’) as I’ve got some free space on my soundcloud.  Putting up parts to some of my tracks has been something I’ve previously thought about, especially as the sound design aspect of my recent music is something I’ve really spent a lot of time over.  Sound design has become a rewarding process for me, and I’m slowly picking up the tools to allow me to shape my music to my ear.  As with most aspects of music production the path is long and open ended (as is the case with most things worth pursuing).

The parts I’ve uploaded are primarily those made using the parts provided at the outset of the comp.  As such there are variations here of some of those parts run through various effects etc.  I’d just got hold of Native Instrument’s ‘The Finger’ as part of the Komplete 7 upgrade pack so there’s several fun variations created using the various eq filters etc.  There are some really cool effects you can get out of that plugin which I’ve no doubt I’ll explore in the near future.  I also used this as an exercise in getting to know some of the compression emulations on the Focusrite Liquid Mix which I’d previously neglected.

I’ve no ownership of these parts and don’t know how interesting they’ll be for anyone out there (not particularly interesting I would imagine for the casual listener).  Maybe they’ll give a little insight into the work that went into making the final track which can be heard / downloaded here

I’m also recording and storing some ‘found sounds’ using the soundcloud app as I’ve now got a smart phone.  When these reach a critical mass I’ve create a public set for people to access.  Again making use of any unused space here.


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