Sasha – ‘Cut Me Down’ (ES Waves Mix)

I’ve entered the Sasha remix competition.  My effort is below.

I spent a good deal of time on the sound design aspect.  Two tools that I really worked quite hard on this are Native Instruments ‘The Finger’ and the Focusrite Liquid Mix. The former I relatively recently picked up as part of the upgrade package from Komplete 6 to Komplete 7.  The Liquid Mix is an amazing sounding product but one that for me can be painfully temperamental.  At the moment I’m still learning how each emulation sounds (I should say I’ve had the thing for a couple of years now!).  I’m by no means an expert on which classic compressor should be used in which circumstances so a lot is just trial and error.  It’s a pretty similar case with the EQ emulations.  What I can say is that a lot of them sound pretty fat.  The compression can really be heard on the finger effected pads in the introduction section and the messed around melody line in the final section (which is part of the intro stem provided I think off the top of my head).  The arped synth line in the middle was created using Omnisphere.

It was a rewarding process putting the track together and I hope a few people get to hear it and enjoy it.  I will cannibalise is in the future as there are some pretty rad sounds in there.

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