Sasha – Xpander (ES Waves Mix) posted on soundcloud

Just what the world needs another remix of Xpander, well probably not but this weekend I’ve been exploring the contents of an old work horse music computer.There’s at least around 30 tracks on here which represent where I was at technically at the time (the same as now really, learning!).I actually spent some time in the summer reconstituting this computer as there are some really great ideas in some of these tracks which I’d love to use and remould with the skills and tools I have at my disposal at present.Like all things this is time dependent.

Anyway, this remix was completed in 2003 and made within Cubase 5.1 using the awesome PHatimatic Pro plugin and I think just a Tau Bassline plugin (PHatmatic got an absloute hammering from me back in the day.The highpass filter on the early versions has an awesome colouring to it which they smoothed out in the later versions).I’m not entitely sure as I’ve not gone back into the project to see but that’s how I remember it.There’s a bit of a disconnect between the bassline and the track itself but I think overall it works pretty well myself.I remember someone at the time describing it as ’emotional’ which is quite a nice description.Hope you enjoy.

There’s a live set from a little later, around 2005/2006 from which spang a few of the tracks on Nakatomi which I’ll upload in a while (first I may need to upgrade my account first as out of time…)

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