ESWM – 002 ES Waves – Email for Lucky – Out Now

Um I was away when this came out (in chilly Iceland, beautiful country) so have been a bit slow posting things here about Email.  Here is the press release which you may have seen elsewhere.

ES Waves Media presents ESWM-002 ES Waves – ‘Email for Lucky’. This package contains two mixes of ‘Email for Lucky’, the ‘Extension Mix’ and ‘Mix 3’ each being progressive house tracks.

The ‘Extension Mix’ (running at 08:46) is a moody proggy house set opener with a four minute intro which builds to the entrance of a big kick drum at 04:40. The track keeps the energy level fairly constant from there on in with some nice sound design thrown in. ‘Mix 3’ (also running at 08:46) is a mid set progressive house track with some big sounds in the second half of the track. It has a bit of a bleak repetitive feel.

2006 saw the release of the first ES Waves album ‘Nakatomi Plaza’ released on the defunct Inaspace Recordings label. Also in 2006 the dj Jonathan Lisle asked ES Waves to help out on his OS_0.2 mix album released on John Digweed’s Bedrock Records label de-constructing each track to create several dj tools which Jonathan used throughout that mix. Email for Lucky is the second release on ES Waves Media following ESWM-001 ES Waves – ‘Nean Dreams / Laser Beams’ released 11 October 2010.

The near future will bring the release of several more club focused ES Waves tracks on ES Waves Media before the release of the second full length ES Waves album ‘Parasol Stars’ early in 2011. ES Waves will return to release another club track in December 2010.

ES Waves Media also presents an occasional series of podcasts showcasing the music and dj sets of ES Waves. These are hosted by podomatic and can be subscribed to via iTunes using the following link itpc:// (retaining the itpc prefix). They are also posted on the ES Waves soundcloud page.

All tracks presented here were mastered by Inner Portal Studio
To contact ES Waves please email ‘info [at]’ replacing the ‘[at]‘ with ‘@’.

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