New podcast, well almost

I ‘released’ ES Waves – Podcast 6 today which is in reality the summer 2006 mix I’ve already uploaded to my mixcloud site.  As all you can see are tumbleweeds blowing across that site I thought I’d give it a bit more love (by a bit I mean will one more person listen to it, who knows).

This is a mix I did in the Summer of 2006. I had a pair of CDJ1000s at the time and had just got heavily into ableton live so this mix was done using a pair of CDJ1000s / a technics deck and live. I ditched the CDJs very shortly afterwards as I thought ableton offerred just what I’d been looking for, a break from the prison of tune to tune mixing (plus someone offerred me a bit more than what I’d paid for them which was nice). Lots of big recogniseable tuneage on here.

1. Speedy J – Symmetry (live)
over last section of this track and lead into next, intro to BT – Remember (Sasha Mix), recurs several times during the mix

2. Bedrock – Forge
I looped a section in the middle with the drums, loads of reverb etc.

3. Speedy J – The Oil Zone (live)

Over the mix into rabbitweed I looped a section of the first track and the intro to remember again.

4. Sasha – Rabbitweed

5. S.H., Roby C – One Hour (Acid Rub Mix)
Over the mix out I used a percussion loop from Monolake – North

6. Formulate – The Voice of Qi (Brian Seed’s 8 bit breaks remix)
On the mix out of this I used a section from Ameoba Assassin – Piledriver (greyed out mix) and a sample from 12 Moons – Zero Gravity. Under all this is the beat from the intro to Antix -Cold Night.

7. Subsky – Albino (original and Blue Room Project mixes)

8 Bt – Remember (Sasha Mix) ESW edit
Underneath the ‘jam’ is the beat from Antix – Cold Night.

9. Cygnus X – Indakasa

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