ES WAVES to return

Hello to all reading this post.  I’ve set up this site as there is some new ES Waves material in the works which is exciting me greatly.  I plan to release this material on a new digital imprint ES Waves Media.  If you are not familiar with my music as ES Waves please check out the ‘Nakatomi Plaza’ album I released on the now defunct Inaspace Recordings label in 2006.  Despite the label’s demise I believe you can still buy the album from various digital stockists and it can also be heard via Spotify.  Almost five years have passed since the albums release and much of the music was created some time before the release date.  Despite and because of my technical and artistic limitations of the time this music holds great charm for me.  Check it out.  I’ll upload a couple of tracks from it to my Soundcloud and post them here when I get a moment.  I’ll also use this space to basically talk out loud on various topics that interest me.  Let’s hope there are people who are willing to listen!

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