ES Waves – Podcast 12

Podcast 12

1. Alison Marks – Mama
2. Mike Mind – Sea of Fog
3. Harvey McKay – Goodbye
4. Alan Fitzpatrick – In the Beginning
5. Slam + Mike Dearborn – 1991 (Slam 2012 Remake)
6. Alan Fitzpatrick – For an Endless Life
7. Brian Cid – Sharp Objects (King Unique Remix)
8. Nicole Maudaber – The Road To Transformation
9. Paula Temple – Deathvox
10. Antix – Hiding Place (Phoney Orphants Remix)

Podcast 11

ES Waves – Podcast 11

Ian Pooley – I Got You (Matthias Vogt Remix)
Dettmann & Klock – Dawning
Chris Cowie – Time Flies
Omar S – Triangulum Australe (say it in space)
Markus Suckut – Hunt
Shed – Boom Room
Morgan Tomas – Panic Room
Octave – Twist N Ego
Andrea Roma & Mark Denken – Pills
RAG – Rage (Epic Mix)
Clouds – Chained to a Dead Camel
Dave the Drummer & Chris Liberator – Underthreat (Patrick DSP Mix)
Joton – Unexpected Suspects (Bas Mooy Remix)
Sonic Union & Kobana – Maelstrom
Jokers of the Scene – Black Mounite (Daniel Avery Mix)
Ian Pooley – I Got You (Mattias Vogt)

Key Tracks

Ian Pooley – I Got You (Matthias Vogt Remix)

Morgan Tomas – Panic Room

Clouds – Chained to a Dead Camel

Originally this mix was designed to be centred around Joton – Unexpected Suspects (Bas Mooy Remix) which is an amazing track.  However I started looping Morgan Tomas – Panic Room over (seemingly) all the tracks on the second half of this mix.  Love it.

The Mutronics Mutator

The Mutronics Mutator, partly because of its name (well probably mostly because of its name), partly because of what it is and partly because it came out when I was making my first music production steps is a bit of a mystical beast for me. It’s described as a (mutating) filter unit with ‘creamy’ analogue filters.

That said I’ve never seen one outside of the pages of late nineties future music.  Reading future music  was how I initially got to grips with the concepts of music production, of midi, of sequencing.  There’s a desk draw in my studio which is full of each magazine I bought.  I justify keeping them around on the basis that one day I’ll maybe dip in and work through the tutorials I never got around to doing (to be fair that’s probably most of them).

I can clearly remember the example samples of the mutator at work and just not understanding how the sound was manipulated, but being fascinated by it, the name just reinforcing the alien concepts.

I’ve always wanted one.  At the moment they sell for around a grand.   Maybe when that lottery win comes in…

Null Nux X…continues

Null Nux X 31

Changing evolving

Well, the third ES Waves album is in it final stages. I thought I’d be able to move this to completion in 2014 but…I was wrong. The tracks are however…exciting.

Null Nux X

Null Nux X – a daily project in sound design – September 2013.





Am working through about 40 new projects.  A select few will make up the third ES Waves album.  I cannot wait to finish these up and get things moving again.  Unfortunately this won’t be in the immediate future owing to other pressures.  It will happen in 2014, of that I’m sure.

New Podcast – ES Waves Podcast 10

New podcast uploaded to soundcloud a few weeks ago – Es Waves – Podcast 10

1. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – Kid-n-Play

2.Le Youth – Memories

3. B-Jam – Ever

4. Pedigree Cuts – Kumaras Sunrise

5. Malcolm McLaren – Madame Butterfly (Young Edit)

6. New Order – Touched by the Hand of Dub

7. Stefano Pulga – Burning Fire (Young Edits)

8. Hard Fi – Fire in the House (Planet of Sound Dub)

9. Junkie XL – Made for Each Other

10. New Order – Evil Dust

11. CJ Bolland – Obsidian

12. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – The Message


Michael Jackson – Bad 25

…was on TV yesterday.  I find insights into how people work creatively like this to be truly fascinating.  Michael effectively had a studio machine at his home with a team of workers to create ‘demos’ which would then be passed to Quincy Jones’ team to create the final tracks.

One phrase idea that stood out for me was the notion of creating a ‘sonic fantasy’.  Definitely a goal.



Start the week – creativity

I caught the start of radio 4’s start the week on Monday before work in which Andrew Marr discussed the role of creativity with several ‘creatives’.  The podcast is available now.

Start the week – creativity

This discussion rang true for a lot of my creative life and I think anyone who is remotely creative in any part of their lives could find something they could relate to from one or several of the professional ‘creatives’ who formed the discussion panel.  For some time I’ve tried to introduce a discipline to my work and happily there’s some discussion of the importance of persistence in any artistic endeavour but also of the less definite aspects of ‘creating’.