Podcast 28 Now Live

1. Cosmic Baby, “Cosmic Greets Florida” R.I.T.M. rmx 2. Kincaid – Entrance 3. Zakmina – Church Of Madness (Gnork’s Ezoteric Breakdance Remix) 4. ES Waves – A Little Lost Time 5. Kiwi – Ghiaccio 6. Fort Romeau – Another Dymention 7. Lady B – Cruising Around Motor City 8. ES Waves – Cosmos of Pure Mind 9. Jan Johnston – Calling Your Name (Gai Barone Remix) 10. JASSS – Turbo Ole Support artists and buy the music you love. buymusic.club/list/es-waves-podcast-28 … and to mix the message – spotify playlist also updated

‘Cosmos of Pure Mind’ [ES Waves Media, ESWM-012] released 19.10.2020

Fourth ES Waves release of 2020.
ES Waves ‘Cosmos of Pure Mind’ [ES Waves Media] released 19.10.20

Pure Mind, Pure Hope, Pure Books.

Hot on the heals of the release of the third ES Waves album ‘Hi Real’ comes ‘Cosmos of Pure Mind’, a tech trance ho down for autumn 2020.

ES Waves (pronounced ‘E. S. Waves’) surfaced in 2006 with ‘Nakatomi Plaza’, its first album. Its epic ambition underscored by science fiction samples and soaring synths. Stand out tracks include the album closers ‘Fluid Expansions’ and ‘Candles’.

‘Parasol Stars’, its second album, followed 2011 on ES Waves Media pushing the same progressive aesthetic. ‘October Bird of Death’ and ‘Powerdrome’ each demonstrating an attention to detail and commitment to push into the future.

‘Cosmos of Pure Mind’ – pulling you into the future.