ES Waves – Podcast 15

Really enjoying this sound at the moment.  Used the Raar and Norberto Lusso tracks a number of times in the mix, intro / outro / over other tracks to set the mood.  There really are some cool tracks in here.  The mix between the Norberto Lusso and Arnaud Rebotini rides really well.  Really.

  1. Raar – L,accomplissement
  2. Johannes Heil – Exile 007 B2
  3. Tom Hades – Goya
  4. L.S.G. – Netherworld (CJ Bolland Mix)
  5. Hush & Sleep – Dimensional
  6. Hush & Sleep – The Cure
  7. Spektre, Luca Gaeta – Ascension
  8. Norberto Lusso – Met
  9. Arnaud Rebotini – Jacob’s Cycle
  10. Locked Groove – The Gate (feat. Innershades)


A good read – niche markets and psyhcological shelf space

I stumbled across this article from the little white earbuds website which attempts to explain why figureheads are created and sustained for popular music trends.  It’s an interesting read and there’s certainly a great deal of truth to the limited mental shelf space that he discusses in part one.

In other news I’ve nearly finished up the next ES Waves release which I hope will surface after Xmas.  Very happy with the progression in my music at the moment.