Hit & Run: How Jon Peters and Peter Guber Took Sony for a Ride in Hollywood

OK,  and this is the book I read before the Froome-doggery. Here’s an article from entertainment weekly entertainingly enough


about this. I was looking at a Don Simpson biography but went with this on the recommendation of the Internet.

The recounting of how the two players reached the top is all too believable, it’s the sums of money involved which aren’t. This is however a bit of a chore to read at points and enviably dissolves into a review of dysfunctional boardroom dynamics. Which anyone who works in an office will reluctantly recognise.

Chris Froome – The Climb

The latest book read. For a real review see the excellent inrng


which comprehensively covers how the book develops. It does run out of steam by the time we get to the 100th tour which is dealt with via a daily run down of each day. What struck a chord with me is that he is aware that he wouldn’t have got to where he was if he hadn’t taken a chance in his life.