New Podcast – Number 9

I’ve uploaded the latest podcast, ES Waves  – Podcast 9 which I mentioned a couple of posts ago.


1. SOL – Cosmic Lines

2. Pete Lazonby – Humble Servant

3. Dove Beat – La Paloma

4. Doiing – Paradise Lost

5. Midi Rain – Always

6. St Melody – Qtopia (Pure Trance Mix)

7. Marmion- Shoneberg (Thomas Schumacher’s Rumshakers Galore Mix)

8. DeJure – Do You Believe (Christian West Main Mix)

9. Spectrum – Amplification

10. Deluxe – Black Wax

Freak Chakra – ‘Blacklight Fantasy’

At the moment I’m putting together another podcast.  It’s going to have several old classics on there and I’ve got the tracks all planned out etc.  At one point I had the idea of putting a track or so from another amazing album on it Freaky Chakra’s ‘Blacklight Fantasy’.  The second half of this album especially is totally awesome.  I love a lot of the tricks and ideas that run through the production.  A lot of the tracks rely on relatively few elements with a lot of mix variations and effects keeping the ear interested.  ‘Dreams’ ‘Year 2000’, ‘Hyperspace’ all brilliant.  However…I couldn’t find my CD of it, doh, so none of these tracks are now on this mix.  This post is to give them a little love!

Actually this track would go perfectly into the mix.  Time to get searching!

Aliens vs Apes

Boom block busters.  This summer Alien ‘Prometheus’ is on the way and whilst the trailers don’t look 100% convincing it’s certainly attractive for several reasons, many of which are of course nostalgic.

One thing that has struck me is how the sound design is used in it’s trailers.  ‘Hits’ are used, for won’t of a better word, creating atmosphere.  I was thinking how the same kind of technique was used to create atmosphere in the trailers for the recent Rise of the Planet of the Apes trailer.  The Apes trailer I think created a moodier atmosphere and may have even been more appropriate for the upcoming Alien film.  Both sound pretty good to my ears.

At around 2.04 mins (though alot more ‘music’ in the Alien trailer)