Monthly Archives: October 2011

This is how you make music

This is how you make music, with a smile on your face as you are busting out the beats.

As the guy says fucking the bollocks.  ‘Oh, not forgetting the rim-shot’, lol.

Hello website

Believe it, I’m working on quite a lot of new material and am really liking the sound of a great deal of it.  Really taking some steps forward in sound design and mixing.  I’m working on getting the sounds to breathe a bit more in my mixes, getting a bit more space in there.

Some aimless googling brought me to this advert for this 80s tv advert for ‘Tango in the Night’ which is perhaps my favourite album.  It’s pretty nostaligic for a child of the 80s like me.  Look the cassette it comes on is…clear!  It’s an amazingly produced album.