Some release dates

I’m finally prepared to muster some tracks together and let them go into the great wide world.  I’ve got two bundles of releases ready to go, one of which will be released early next month (October) and the next the following month (November).  I have enough material together now to steadily put out a release a month for the next six months or so so here they go.

ES Waves – Neon Dreams / Laser Beams
Released by: ES Waves Media
Release/catalogue number: ESWM-001
Release date: Oct 11, 2010

ES Waves – Email for Lucky
Released by: ES Waves Media
Release/catalogue number: ESWM-002
Release date: Nov 8, 2010

New podcast, well almost

I ‘released’ ES Waves – Podcast 6 today which is in reality the summer 2006 mix I’ve already uploaded to my mixcloud site.  As all you can see are tumbleweeds blowing across that site I thought I’d give it a bit more love (by a bit I mean will one more person listen to it, who knows).

This is a mix I did in the Summer of 2006. I had a pair of CDJ1000s at the time and had just got heavily into ableton live so this mix was done using a pair of CDJ1000s / a technics deck and live. I ditched the CDJs very shortly afterwards as I thought ableton offerred just what I’d been looking for, a break from the prison of tune to tune mixing (plus someone offerred me a bit more than what I’d paid for them which was nice). Lots of big recogniseable tuneage on here.

1. Speedy J – Symmetry (live)
over last section of this track and lead into next, intro to BT – Remember (Sasha Mix), recurs several times during the mix

2. Bedrock – Forge
I looped a section in the middle with the drums, loads of reverb etc.

3. Speedy J – The Oil Zone (live)

Over the mix into rabbitweed I looped a section of the first track and the intro to remember again.

4. Sasha – Rabbitweed

5. S.H., Roby C – One Hour (Acid Rub Mix)
Over the mix out I used a percussion loop from Monolake – North

6. Formulate – The Voice of Qi (Brian Seed’s 8 bit breaks remix)
On the mix out of this I used a section from Ameoba Assassin – Piledriver (greyed out mix) and a sample from 12 Moons – Zero Gravity. Under all this is the beat from the intro to Antix -Cold Night.

7. Subsky – Albino (original and Blue Room Project mixes)

8 Bt – Remember (Sasha Mix) ESW edit
Underneath the ‘jam’ is the beat from Antix – Cold Night.

9. Cygnus X – Indakasa