ES Waves – Podcast 5

I’ve put together a fifth podcast.  This one’s a little bit more introspective.  There’s some really really cool understated tunes in here, some nice imaginative stuff.  I’ve mixed it really simply with basic cross overs.  In this instance it gives the music more of a chance to speak for itself, it gives each track a chance to stand on it’s own feet.  I bought the Laurent Garnier track a long time ago.  My intension here is to use it as a kind of palate cleaner.

Hope you enjoy.

1. Laurent Garnier – Forgotten Thoughts / FCOMM
2. Bon, Rau – Brothers and Sisters (Poodle Dub Mix) / Smallville Records
3. Hirotaka Miyamoto – In Sense ft Shinya Okamoto / Avantroots
4. Pat Fontes – High Hopes / Don’t Sleep Worldwide
5. Ilya Orange – Stormfront / Avantroots
6. Satellite Son – Mike Mind / Turbo Recordings
7. Future Beat Alliance – Cross Dissolve / Tresor
8. Alla Farmer – Futuristique / Avantroots

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Why no blog posts?

I’ve not posted any blog posts on here for a while .  I’ve no doubt that is because the time period between my last blog and this update is covered by the period I started using twitter.  As an update I’m continuing to put together more and more music, constantly refining and updating the music I’m planning to release.  I’m a ridiculous perfectionist and I hope this attention to detail is reflected in the enjoyment of the music that I’ll eventually release.

Really with today’s instant media I should have kicked out a few tracks by now but they are coming and are not too far away!  I had two single releases and the album finished and mastered but I pulled each as I wanted to refine them further.  I’m nearing the end of the refining process and hope to sail the ship in the next couple of months.