Monthly Archives: February 2010

Electronic – Getting Away With It

What an inspiringly awesome tune.  I remember really wanting to buy this when it came out and fingering the 7 inch in our local boots.  I never bought it and that memory of not buying it has stayed with me.  I remember being slightly perplexed that Jonny Marr was only playing a poppy rhythm guitar on it.  It does a great job of carrying the tune though and the rhythm solo at 3:50 just before the fade out is gorgeous.

While we’re on the subject

of amazing R & S Records listen to this.  Perhaps my favourite of those I own. A real liquid record.  Sublime.

Almost ready with contemporary sounds

I haven’t blogged for while so I thought I would.  The album and singles are pretty much finished up now.  I’ll be sending them out to be mastered this week.  I’ll update this site when I’ve put in place when and where the music will be available.  In the interim check out the sensational music in this vid.  Awe-inspiring.