Exceptional skills

I stumbled upon this youtube clip this morning.  What a beautiful sound.  Steel drums like these have a magical quality when played properly.  This guy has the skills and the performance is wonderful.  It’s an older video with several views so you may have seen it before but I think it bears repeat listening / viewing.

The Phantom Menace…

Do you like Star Wars?  Of course you do, episodes 4 – 6 defined your childhood.  Were the prequels bad?  Oh man they were so bad and poorly put together, but you’ve still seen all of them haven’t you, well its star wars isn’t it.  Do you have 70 minutes to watch a youtube critique of the Phantom Menace which mixes insightful comment with humour that will almost raise a smile?  If your life is as awesome as mine you do and here is part 1…

Berlin – ‘take my breath away’

Berlin – ‘take my breath away’. I’ve always loved this track, in no doubt in part due to the imaginary world where a smoking hot Kelly McGillis teaches me to fly fighter jets at a best of the best aviation academy whilst simultaneously falling for me. The sound of the record is however just awesome. The bright and long reverb on the snare and that on the synth that provides the main theme to the song make it come alive and adds a fantasy element that fires the imagination. It’s such a contrast to the homogenised sound of today. It has a sense of space, something modern-day chart pop doesn’t. A great melodramatic song.

2006 Mix

As I’m digging through the archives I thought I’d upload a mix I put together in 2006 to Mixcloud.  Is Mixcloud related to Soundcloud?  I’m not 100% sure about the association as there’s no mention of Mixcloud on the Soundcloud website (unless I’m missing something).  Regardless enjoy.  I mixed it using a pair of CDJ 1000s which I sold shortly afterwards, a technics deck and the version of ableton live that was around at the time (think it was 4 off the top of my head, which would have been the first version I bought).  Tracklisting etc is on Mixcloud.


Es Waves – Summer 2006 by Es Waves on Mixcloud

ES WAVES to return

Hello to all reading this post.  I’ve set up this site as there is some new ES Waves material in the works which is exciting me greatly.  I plan to release this material on a new digital imprint ES Waves Media.  If you are not familiar with my music as ES Waves please check out the ‘Nakatomi Plaza’ album I released on the now defunct Inaspace Recordings label in 2006.  Despite the label’s demise I believe you can still buy the album from various digital stockists and it can also be heard via Spotify.  Almost five years have passed since the albums release and much of the music was created some time before the release date.  Despite and because of my technical and artistic limitations of the time this music holds great charm for me.  Check it out.  I’ll upload a couple of tracks from it to my Soundcloud and post them here when I get a moment.  I’ll also use this space to basically talk out loud on various topics that interest me.  Let’s hope there are people who are willing to listen!